Mahmoud Abbas Designs is a fully fledged creative design and contracting house in which is field of specialty starts from creating the brand’s conceptual idea, growing into an interior design implemented and brought to real life to provide an unforgotten experience. We plan, envision, design, customize, implement, supervise, and deliver what we promise.

Our Strategy

In our MAD book of design, there is no such thing as “Impossible”. We twist and turn materials to fit into each design we wish to provide. We may bring together different interior styles that are completely opposites and fix them together to provide a game changing interior design experience that strikes all your senses into harmony.

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9 years ago, a lifetime dream came true, Mahmoud Abbas has founded his Interior Design house in the late 2008 building a portfolio that is basically bits and pieces of each interior design styles meticulously put together and efficiently making use of each available space to turn it at the end into another artistic corner. Our aim is to envision, plan, and execute into any given space to make it look both beautiful and functional. Provide the balance between the aesthetic considerations with the structural planning and result into reflecting the clients’ lifestyle, setting the desired mood, and complement the space’s architectural features. Mixing between artistic and geometrical, ancient and modern, and bringing culture styles together is what MAD house does best.

Our Services


Leave it to MAD to make a living space out of your home, just tell us what colors do you most like, which century do you most feel familiar with, what kind of music do you listen to, and which item do you prefer to see most in your house, we will twist and turn all your given facts, and furnish your house with the style and furniture that suits you best. Name it from Shabby Chic all the way to Modern Luxurious.

Customize your furniture

No more feeling frustrated about that sofa you searched on the internet and couldn’t buy, and no more feeling down about that piece of furniture missing in your unique home items, MAD can customize any piece of furniture and have it delivered to your doorstep just as imagined.


We take full responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of the signed project’s construction, management of vendors and trades, and the communication of information to all involved parties throughout the course of  building the project


With the help of an integrated team of creative designers, we create identities for ambitious respectable business owners, embracing the market trends into our designs and providing unique newly born brands with an edge that distinguish them from competitors as we aim to establish a significant and differentiated presence.

Design (Interior & Architecture)

As we start any new project, our team of interior designers unite to research, plan, and visualize the interior design of the given space into spending sleepless hardworking nights to provide the ultimate design experience.

Design Implementation

As soon as we deliver the interior design concept to our clients, we take a further step and we carry out with the design into its final stage which is the “Design Implementation”. We aim to execute the design into the real life just as it was delivered as a concept to make it easier for our clients to feel that they can visualize, dream, and we make true.

Project Supervision

As we strive to deliver the best quality of services, we offer to supervise the design implementation and execution of any project we handle to assure the completion of procedures and to align all project steps into a 100% right end result.